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Why should they be homeless?
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Save Shakti Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust with Income Tax Act, 1961 and donations to the Trust qualify for deduction u/s 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.



I happen to see the service you and your team of volunteers are doing to the street animals…
What struck me was not only the love given to these voiceless and downtrodden , but  the respect with which u people treat them . Feeding street animals and taking care of them is great in itself. But you do it with respect which is fantastic and rare. When u respect your co creations you are treating them as equals. This empathy and compassion is what is sorely needed in this uncaring increasingly self centred world. .
When people throw acid , burning oil, hot water on dogs and cats and small puppy’s and kittens , the care and respectful compassion u and ur team extend to these innocent tortured souls is so therapeutic to people like me who  can’t do much.caz of health concerns .
So when I see you and your team  patiently palce pieces of  paper on the street for long stretches  and then keep food on it , so that these otherwise  voiceless tortured innocent street animals can not only have food but clean hygienic  food as well.
When i see this , it  really restores  my faith in humanity.
Through these videos i can see all kinds of people young , old , affluent and  those who are from the working class are all doing this service. That so many people from varied backgrounds are mobilized to give love and care to street animals every day is indeed a great.
It’s my sincere wish and prayer that there are more people like this to brighten up and color this sordid world.

It’s a privilege to offer my support to you and your team whenever you need it.

Usha Shankarnarayan

Former Advisor to the Prime Minister

I met this beautiful Devi called Chaya in a social gathering. She just stole my heart. I never felt an iota of her celebrity status in her behavior. She came across as a wonderful human being filled with loads of love and positive energy, that she shares with the deserving. She recommended a book called “You can Heal” written by Louie Hay. This helped me a lot personally.
Post this, I met her personally at her place. She surprised me with her love and humility. I believe that one needs to cleanse one’s soul at regular intervals the same way as we cleanse our body. I spoke to Chaya on this, We met without any hesitation and we vibed well. Our journey started from there.
She helped me heal with her love, care & expertise. We meet a few times and Chaya gradually but strongly made me deal with my pains, hurts and fears, helping me gain more confidence and clarity .Her interventions helped me feel light and happy and helped me regain my life. Chaya you are a awesome.We all need that one non judgmental person in our life as a sounding board to help cleanse our souls and move forward. Chaya did that magic through her knowledge and love.


The one message from Chaya Madam enquiring about my ill mother at 2am who was in government hospital tested positive for Covid 19 was like an unexpected way out of dark. We were denied entry in big private hospitals a day before cause my mother had fever and her saturation level was low. Truly speaking the foundation was like a small spark of light in our darkness where I was called everyday enquiring about my mothers health and giving my moral support throughout to come out of it. I would like to thank each an every member of the foundation for there remarkable support given to us and everyone who comes there way. Kindly keep doing this wonderful job you people will always be remembered in my prayers and every time I c my mother sound an safe smiling at us.

Nayyara Fathima

In our constant endeavour to feed the stray dogs during this entire lock down period, few people have been very supportive of this initiative. One such person is Chaya Devi, she has been encouraging us with feeds as and when possible.She supported us with royal canin gravy packs, pedigree dry food and the strays are having a really enjoys….

Vignesh sukumar