Virtual Parent

There are many reasons that hold you back from adopting a pet – you don’t have the time, you already have pets and can’t add another one, you or someone in your family is allergic or scared of them – what if none of these were applicable? What if you could adopt a pet and ensure its safety and health virtually?

Through the Save Shakti ‘virtual parent’ initiative, you can now adopt a dog and take care of its needs without having to be there physically.

Save Shakti teams you with a shelter dog and you pay as little as 33 rupees a day to become a pet parent and ensure the safety and health of a dog.
In return the shelter takes care of food, medicines and the daily care of the dog including playtime and cuddles.

Being a virtual parent is a win-win for everyone, the dog gets to stay in a safe place and is taken care of and has other animals to play with.

As a virtual pet parent you get regular updates on your dog via WhatsApp, you get pictures and videos to share with family and friends and you can video call or visit your dog whenever you want.

You also get certified as a pet parent and are eligible for an 80G tax deduction.

So don’t let practical issues stop you from being a pet parent, adopt a pet virtually and gift yourself and your family the joy that only a pet can bring.