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Animal Welfare

About Animal Welfare

We cannot not speak in the animal lingo, but that does not mean we cannot speak the universal language of love. Just like us, they too have right to live a life free from pain, hunger, homelessness and suffering. Ever since the Covid-19 lockdown started, we have been actively taking care of them, apart from rescuing and adopting the strays. And that includes cattle, dogs, cats, and even snakes!

In the past 2 years, we have actively rescued several abused animals, ensured that our volunteers fed strays regularly, and facilitated the adoption of several senior dogs, puppies and breeds like Pitbull that are greatly discriminated against.
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Your donation will go where the need is greatest. We, at Save Shakti, put all public funds to the best use, ensuring that it either goes towards feeding the streeties of India, or towards facilitating adoptions that will help them find a forever home. Make a streetie happy today! Click Here to Donate
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Be a part of a noble cause by registering as a volunteer of our foundation. Dream Save Shakti Foundation invites all the enthusiastic people, who have the courage to serve the world selflessly. For Volunteer Registration Click Here

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