Touching each other may have turned dangerous but that does not mean we cannot touch each other’s lives with a gentle touch of humanity. These are troubled times. The economy is in tailspin; people are losing jobs. There is this constant fear of a calamity waiting to strike. And we are moving on with our lives, hiding behind a piece of cloth our anxieties, fears, and concerns. Should that piece of cloth also mask our capacity to do good, of being of some good?
The measure of your faith is the measure of pain you can undergo. The pandemic may have brought upon us a new normal that we never envisaged, but that does not mean we must embrace insularity! These four months have taught us to live with the people we were ready to die for. These four months taught us that distance is a state of mind, which cannot erode the base of our existence: Love.
The shield of love that protected us from the wrath of these troubled times was not available to all. Some were stranded away from their families and their loved ones, fending for themselves. When food became scarce and travel impossible, they hunkered down, banking on the mercy of strangers. And they were not betrayed, for humanity was never confined to good times. When they trekked hundreds of kilometres to reach the warmth of their homes, their blistering feet shook us out of our collective stupor. Was it not a victory of humanity over a deadly virus when people came out of the safety of their homes to feed them, care for them?
When our furry friends found the streets empty one fine day, they could not tell where the sea of humans had vanished. When they howled in hunger, it was the touch of humanity that made even the most cold hearted people come out of their confinement to feed them. Wasn’t it the touch of humanity that we forgot our own troubles to address the needs of those that could not ask?

Yes, we are going to embrace a new normal. But does that mean that whatever is old should be forsaken? Should we abandon our brethren needing comfort and warmth? Should we forget our furry friends needing food and care?
The answer is no. We at Save Shakti are committed to ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry. It is our dream to see our migrant brethren enjoy their right to a life of dignity. We want to see our furry friends well taken care of. We have a vision, we have a dream. Our vision is to make the tiny drops of humanity into a sea to drown the virus. And you are a part of that vision. Every penny you spare for this cause is the proverbial drop that builds an ocean.